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2015 PMP Chassis in Production!

Click the Photo Below for the 2015 Chassis Kit Prices!

Check out our options and Car Kits in the link below!
Interested in a car? Know what your wanting? If not or if so, Click on the buildsheet link and fill out what your looking for. Email it to pmpchassis@hotmail.com and we can shoot you a quote!
On the 2012 chassis that have been on previous ones:
    • Right Side Cage Kick-out

This new kick-out allows more cockpit room for driver comfort and total support seats.

It also helps aerodynamically tighten up the car on corner entry.

  • Left Rear Shock Mount

The repositioned left rear shock mount allows for the left rear birdcage to be offset closer to the sprocket hub while obtaining proper shock angle. This update gives the 09 car better drive off the left rear.

  • Deluxe Spindles & Steering Arms
These two new components add superior strength to your front end.
  • Redesigned Hood with Newly Designed Air Deflector/ CDI Panel

We have added air vents to relieve hot air from the cockpit, with help from the air deflector. As well as a two-piece hood to gain easier access when need to take the hood off and not having to struggle while hacing the nose wing on.

  • Redesigned Right Side Arm Guard
This gives the driver more elbow room and better aerodynamics over the 2008 car.

  • Double Bearing Brake Carrier
This all new carrier will gives you longer bearing life and will also resist flexing.

  • Newly Designed Right Side Lower Panels

This gives access to the lower right side of the car more user friendly. Making it easy for quick last minute items. Saving time needed for other areas of car adjustment.

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